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Welcome to Bogota--Please Meet Teyas!!

Colombia! Ahh Colombia. I’ve been dreaming about it ever since I was a little girl and watched Romancing the Stone—the romantic comedy with Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas. 2014 marks the 30 th anniversary of the movie, so in honor of the fictional character Joan Wilder—the woman who made me want to become a writer and swing from tree vines—I...
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How I Got This Shot--Mama Africa--Traveling Solo--Dakar, Senegal

By: Nicole Dreon In April of 2014, I visited Senegal for the first time to write and shoot a story on the local surf scene. While for most of my visit I stayed on the mellow and cozy Ngor Island which is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and about 25 minutes outside of the capital city of Dakar, there was no way I was going to travel all the way to...
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How We Found Our First Guide: Traveling Solo: Casablanca, Morocco: Women Guides

Traveling Solo: Casablanca, Morocco: Women Guides Author: Nicole Dreon In March of 2013, I traveled solo to Casablanca, Morocco. It wasn’t my first time to Morocco but it was my first time to the country’s biggest city. Of course, just the name Casablanca conjures up so many romantic notions because of the movie. While I only planned to be in Cas...
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