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About Me


Hi and welcome to my travel blog, She Guides! My name is Nicole, and I’ve traveled by myself all over the world. While I love the freedom of traveling solo and the rush of getting on a plane or train for someplace new, the truth is, sometimes, it can feel really lonely.

In the past, when I’ve traveled solo, I would experience that homesick, icky feeling. Usually, no one knew where I was. At night, depending on which hotel I was staying at (yes, in my younger days, I stayed in some questionable establishments), I would push the dresser up against the door for protection. I would even kiss my own shoulder as I fell asleep and murmur things like, “You’ll be OK.” (It makes me uncomfortable even thinking about it.) 

Over the last few years, though, I’ve figured out a rhythm and process that’s allowed me the freedom of traveling solo while still feeling really connected to the places and people I visit.


What’s made the biggest difference for me when I’m traveling alone is to seek out women as guides and hosts. Not only does it feel safer, but when someone shares their home with you, it creates a small level of intimacy and familiarity.

​When I can, I've also asked these women to sit down with me and share their stories. As a journalist and photographer, I want to hear about their homes and families. I want to learn what's important to them. I want to know what their values are and what they dream about.


Their stories have made me feel so much more connected to the places I’ve visited, and I now feel like I have friends all over the world.  

She Guides is my outlet for sharing their stories. I hope, in my small way, that through these stories we can all understand and support each better. I can only hope that the women I meet and who open up to me, feel the same way too.

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